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Introducing the RGBW Light Engine by Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL)

RCL is proud to introduce our latest innovation – the RGBW light engine, designed to provide a new level of control and versatility in lighting. This single-source RGBW light engine allows you to finely adjust the hue and saturation of your lighting, giving you the power to create the perfect colour for any setting.

Notably, our RGBW technology offers practical benefits in spaces like ballrooms and banqueting areas. With this advanced system, you can easily adapt the lighting to match the theme or event, enhancing the overall ambiance and creating the perfect atmosphere.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated a feature that allows you to save your preferred colours to a swatch library within RCL Control, our wireless lighting control system. This library simplifies the process of accessing and sharing your chosen colours with other RCL lights in your space, ensuring consistency in your lighting design.

The RGBW light engine also makes it convenient to recall your favourite colours as part of pre-set scenes, offering a seamless transition between different lighting setups.

We are pleased to announce that this technology will be available across our entire range of DRX products, including DRX1, DRX2, DRX5, and DRX7. This means you can enjoy the versatility of RGBW lighting in various settings, including ballrooms and banqueting spaces, where the right lighting can truly elevate the experience.

Discover the enhanced control and adaptability of the RGBW light engine by RCL and seamlessly tailor your lighting to with our innovative solutions.

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