Variable Pinspot Technology

  • Variable Pinspot Technology

RCL offers award-winning remote controlled motorised architectural spotlights, ideal for use in ballrooms, museums, galleries, hospitality and retail. RCL has over 18 years’ experience in pinspotting, and have pinspotted for some of the most renowned halls and ballrooms in the world including the London Banqueting Hall and the largest pillarless ballroom in the UK, the Intercontinental O2.

RCL’s new Variable Pinspot technology is now available for DRX1 and DRX5 luminaires. Adjust the beam between 8˚ – 16˚ at the touch of a button, so no matter if you are pinspotting a centrepiece or illuminating a whole table, Variable Pinspot provides a flexible solution. Combined with our motorised pan and tilt, this technology gives complete control from ground level. The transition between beam widths is smooth and silent, and light output remains consistent regardless of beam width with minimal light loss. Variable Pinspot provides beautiful, clean beams with RCL’s signature high peak intensities.

Combine this technology with RCL’s Scenes feature and an entire lighting scheme can be transformed in seconds, making lighting event spaces such as ballrooms quick and easy to adapt for different set ups.

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