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Seoul, South Korea

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  • Banyan Tree Club & Spa

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Known for its beautiful natural environment, Mount Namsan seemed like the ideal location for the Banyan Tree Group to open their first property in Korea. Nestled in the heart of Seoul, the Banyan Tree Club and Spa offers a sanctuary to weary travelers in one of the world’s most exciting cities. Spread over 70,000 square meters, the urban development marks the brand’s foray into mixed used development which includes 34 luxury hotel rooms, 16 private member quarters and a host of event facilities.

Remodeled from the Tower Hotel by the late Kim Swoo Geun, the building is both historically and architecturally significant to the Korean people. The developers therefore took the decision to focus on the interior spaces and facilities available to guests.

The proverbial jewel in the Banyan Tree’s hospitality crown would most certainly be their Crystal Ballroom. Consisting of over 20,000 Swarovski crystals, the space provides an impressive location for meetings and celebrations. However, the crystal structures presented the lighting designers with a problem: focusing spotlights by hand using mechanical lifts or scaffolding was not possible without disrupting the decorative features.

With the hotel hosting such a wide variety of events – from brand launch parties to car showcases – the space needed a versatile lighting solution that could be easily adjusted with minimal fuss.

The answer was to install a number of DR7 recessed luminaires hidden above the crystal installations to provide pinspotting for the room. The flexible nature of RCL’s remote controlled spotlights allows the dedicated events team to quickly change the lighting to suit the function. Being able to adjust the spotlights from floor level without additional equipment ensures that the right ambiance is always achieved no matter what the occasion. Meanwhile, the low profile design of the DR7 provided the functionality that was required without detracting from the impact of the crystal structures.

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