Claridge’s Ballroom


  • Claridge’s Ballroom
  • Claridge’s Ballroom
  • Claridge’s Ballroom
  • Claridge’s Ballroom
Interior DesignerGuy Oliver

Products used

Recent renovations at Claridge’s Ballroom include a new Remote Controlled Lighting scheme that can adapt to regular room configurations at the touch of a button.

The stunning art deco space, renovated by interior designer Guy Oliver, required a lighting update in order to better accommodate the frequently shifting room layouts. While their existing RCL fixtures were still working well after many years of service, it was time to upgrade to the latest model for increased performance and quicker setup times during their busiest periods.

Matthew Nourse, RCL’s Sales and Commissioning Engineer, helped design the layout to offer a range of lighting possibilities across the entire room with one simple system.
There are eight standard room layouts in Claridge’s Ballroom. DRX1 luminaires teamed with the iDirect control system ensured that each one was accurately accounted for. Mounted on Eutrac, the 48 white DRX1’s nestle between the two ornate coving sections around the room while blending in with the ceiling.

As the Ballroom is primarily used as a dining room, Claridge’s asked for the luminaires to have a color temperature of 2700k to give a warm glow for a sumptuous banqueting experience.

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