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Located in the heart of London at the Corner of Northumberland Avenue and Whitehall Place, the Corinthia Hotel is set to become London’s newest luxury hotel. Originally built as the Metropole Hotel, the 19th century landmark was used during both world wars by the government and was later acquired by the Ministry of Defense. Now fully restored, the Corinthia is set to open in April and is set, once again, to be one of London’s finest hotels.

The hotel includes a beautifully-refurbished ballroom, once the setting for various press conferences and events. Lighting design for this project fell to Lighting Design International who selected 65 of RCL’s DR7 recessed luminaire range for the job. Senior lighting designer Ellie Greisen explains:

“We have used these fittings many times before in ballrooms and function rooms. Flexibility is the key factor when designing a space which could be used for different types of events.

We wanted to allow the hotel to fix the positions of the lights to pin spot banquette tables for dinner functions, and with a 6m ceiling height, being able to adjust the position of the lights from the ground was vital. There could be several different layouts for the dining tables, and with scene setting capabilities, the positioning of the lights can then be used as an actual marker for staff to set out the tables, making the lighting scenes coincide with the furniture layout for each scene.

The deep recess of the lamp and additional honeycomb louvers make this a very discrete fitting for use in such a historically prestigious environment.”

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