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When planning for their stand at TEFAF New York, Daniel Crouch Rare Books turned to RCL for a lighting solution that could provide a convenient set-up with excellent performance while minimizing risk to the works exhibited.

The show in New York featured 94 renowned dealerships and art authorities from 14 different countries, demonstrating TEFAF’s global role as a champion of fine art. Pieces exhibited ranged from antiquity to the modern day and reflected a wide body of disciplines.

Daniel Crouch, who previously worked with RCL for the lighting of the dealership’s St James’s gallery in London, was exhibiting pieces from their collection including antique atlases, maps, plans, sea charts and voyage accounts dating from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

Given the value of the works on display, Daniel Crouch wanted to avoid the risk of damage that would come with ladders or working at height when focusing light on the pieces. Thirty remote controlled DRX1 spotlights from RCL provided a convenient answer to this challenge. Controllable in pan, tilt and dim level from ground level using a  remote control, the luminaires could be focused quickly with ease once the works had been arranged on the exhibition stand.

The DRX1 was supplied with three different beam angles, including a narrow 6° spot, allowing Daniel Crouch to focus on pieces with appropriate distributions of light for each individual piece for best effect. The LEDs used in the DRX1 deliver 90+ CRI, excellent for representing each work’s true color, ideal for high-value items with subtle shifts in color.

Uniquely, with the global commands available with the RCL luminaires, it was possible for the gallery’s team to dim all fixtures except for those pieces which they wished to draw an interested buyer’s attention to, for a high contrast affect, before returning these to the pre-set focus and intensity with scene controls using the DRX1’s on-board memory.

It is this flexibility through such advanced features that has led to RCL fixtures being installed in numerous galleries, both commercial and public, thanks to the advantages offered to the sector.

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