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  • Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
  • Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
  • Grange Tower Bridge Hotel
  • Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

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The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel is the latest luxury offering from Grange Hotels, London’s leading independent hotel group. Located a short distance from the iconic sights of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, it offers 370 guest rooms and boasts an extensive conference and events space plus a vibrant in-house bar & grill.

When it came to pinspotting tables in the hotel’s restaurant and auditorium, the developers looked to a previous project for inspiration. Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd (RCL) had been specified for the Grange St Paul’s Hotel where nearly 70 DR7 and DR8 spotlights had been installed.

It was decided that RCL’s LED head in a DR8 luminaire would be ideal for the project. The head was designed around the need for a very precise beam with long life, low energy and a high quality of white light. 108 track-mounted DR8 LED luminaires were used, split between the two locations.

56 spotlights were installed in the hotel’s state-of-the-art conference room capable of accommodating up to 2,000 visitors. The space was designed to be versatile and required lighting to match. General Manager Hasham Soliman explains,

“Our conference venue has some of the most advanced lighting facilities of any London Hotel, ready to handle anything from an informal meeting to a large conference, supported by a skilled resident AV team.”

The remaining 52 luminaires were mounted in the hotel’s restaurant, where high ceilings meant accessibility was limited. RCL’s technology is ideally suited to such situations where the ability to aim individual spotlights from ground level using a simple handheld remote controller means there is no need to work at height. This avoids the delays and dangers commonly associated with the use of long ladders, scaffolding or mechanical lifts. The patented technology allows users to position the light beam exactly where they want – perfect for pinspotting tables – ensuring the best possible lighting for every event.

RCL’s LED head offers a power consumption that is up to 66% less than the halogen equivalent. Moreover, LEDs are expected to last 40,000 hours – ten times the life of a halogen lamp and equivalent to approximately ten years of normal use. Combining this with our remote controlled technology really does mean that lamps no longer need to be replaced and the use of ladders and scaffolding becomes redundant.

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