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The Royal Garden Hotel – located in leafy Kensington overlooking the famous Kensington Palace and gardens – has been described as one of London’s best value 5-star hotels. The property has had an illustrious history since it was built in the 1800s. Originally named the Palace Hotel, it was taken over as part of the war effort in the 1900s and then in the 1960s was completely demolished and rebuilt.

With exceptional conferencing and events facilities, the hotel has become the sportsperson’s London hotel of choice, hosting the Euro ‘96 Championships, the Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.

With RCL spotlights already proving to be successful in the hotel’s restaurant, when the decision was made to renovate the property again in 2009, RCL seemed a logical choice for pinspotting the Palace Suites.

The Suites – six dedicated rooms capable of hosting up to 550 guests – are extremely versatile venues which can be used for conferences, exhibitions and award ceremonies. Due to the variety of events that can be hosted within the space, the hotel required a system that was both simple to use and quick to change.

Lighting designers DHA Design specified RCL’s multi-directional recessed DR7 luminaires for the project. The luminaire’s low profile design made it ideal for use in the Palace Suites. The spotlights were connected to the hotel’s DMX system, allowing them to be controlled both individually, using RCL’s handheld controller, or centrally, from a single desk.

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