Remote Controlled Lighting (RCL) by Luminii has been at the forefront of developing technology for the architectural lighting industry since 2001. RCL’s motorized luminaires have transformed lighting control in over 1,000 luxury hotel ballrooms and numerous museum, gallery and retail projects worldwide. RCL has used its 18 years of experience and expertise to create RCL Control, our brand-new lighting control system which simplifies complex motorized lighting schemes into one easy-to-use system, capable of operating across multiple rooms and even multiple floors. RCL’s latest luminaires feature the ability to manipulate beam width, color temperature, and motorized positioning, providing the ultimate flexible lighting solution for any application.

As Luminii’s robust product innovation has helped build RCL, recent projects have led to a dramatic shift in the light quality that our customers have not only come to appreciate but have come to expect. An industry-leading manufacturer of LED products and accessories, Luminii adds highly-modifiable solutions to the RCL portfolio. This means we support our valued customers in realizing the full potential of light to make their spaces beautiful, experiential, and simply brilliant.

RCL Control has been designed to reflect the real time nature of lighting control; the system uses a dynamic reconfiguring wireless mesh network, constantly self-optimizing to maintain signal reliability. The Thread mesh network provides longer-range coverage with excellent scalability, but without compromising on latency, the reaction speed between command and action, meaning there is almost no limit to the size or shape of a project. RCL Control is highly-resilient to any security threat as it does not require any internet services and uses the latest in wireless device security, along with a unique and secure authentication system.

Users can easily organize and navigate complex lighting schemes thanks to the intuitive user interface and flexible lighting controls. Live on-screen feedback ensures that luminaire adjustment is simple, intuitive and responsive. Perfect for large-scale applications, RCL Control allows the user to create zones, light plans, groups, and scenes (pre-saved light settings) to organize hundreds of luminaires across multiple rooms and floors. This tiered set-up allows users to easily navigate complex lighting schemes and control individual or multiple luminaires at once.

Controlling and manipulating light has never been so easy. Users position their luminaires directly onto “light plans” for quick and easy selection and adjustability, putting complete control into their hands. RCL Control allows users to import professional lighting schematics, or even take photos of room layouts instantly with the iPad camera, offering simple and highly versatile commissioning of lighting schemes.

RCL Control offers multiple levels of control, ranging from group fixture manipulation to fine-tuning individual luminaires. Motorized pan and tilt positioning can be controlled either together through the joystick interface for rapid positioning, or individually via the precision control dials, allowing adjustments in minute increments for incredible accuracy. Along with high-resolution positioning, RCL Control provides user-friendly manipulation of color temperature and beam width, delivering truly customizable and flexible lighting at the user’s fingertips.

RCL Control can integrate into existing DALI control systems, transmitting external commands from the master building control system, and allowing saved Scenes, inclusive of motorized positioning and full beam manipulation, to be configured for and recalled by DALI Scene panels, providing yet another level of control and flexibility.

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