RCL by Luminii is a leading innovator in architectural lighting solutions, delivering sophisticated and customizable lighting systems for a wide range of applications. Through our partnership with Stucchi, we offer the versatile Onetrack system, designed to meet diverse lighting needs across various environments.

The Onetrack system by Stucchi provides a robust and flexible lighting infrastructure. Available in three distinct voltage configurations—230V 3 Circuit, 120V 2 Circuit, and 277V 2 Circuit.

To cater to various installation requirements, the Onetrack system is offered in three profiles: surface mount, suspended, and recessed with trim. This range of profiles allows for creative design approaches, whether it’s a sleek, modern look achieved with surface mounting, an elegant suspended track for open spaces, or a clean recessed design that blends with the surrounding architecture.

The combination of RCL by Luminii’s cutting-edge lighting technology with Stucchi’s versatile Onetrack system ensures that our customers have access to high-quality, efficient, and adaptable lighting solutions. Whether for retail, hospitality, office, or residential projects, the Onetrack system delivers the perfect blend of form and function, giving designers and architects the freedom to create unique lighting experiences.





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