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Banqueting House in London is the only remaining component of the Palace of Whitehall. Dating from 1622, it is the grandest survivor of the architectural genre of “Banqueting House” and the first building to be completed in the neoclassical style now seen across much of the capital.

Since its inception, the hall has been used for banquets, royal receptions and various ceremonies. Today this tradition is continued with the venue playing host to a number of high-profile events from dinners and receptions to conferences and weddings.

Atmosphere is central to any event, and with its magnificent ceiling and grand scale, Banqueting House’s Main Hall makes an unforgettable location for any function. Lighting often plays a large part in creating the right environment for these types of occasions. In 2003, Remote Controlled Lighting was approached to provide pinspotting in the Main Hall. With the high number of different events taking place, tailoring the lighting schemes to each function was both time consuming and expensive.

Taking advantage of RCL’s patented “Select & Direct” technology, DR2 spotlights were installed on custom-designed mountings, thus preserving the hall’s famous Rubens ceiling. In 2015, LED variants of the DR2 replaced the original halogen versions for an efficiency upgrade that also benefited from tighter beam angles. In addition, RCL’s award-winning iDirect was adopted in the refurbishment, so that the events team can fully control individual luminaires and scenes with intuitive finger gestures on a single iPad.

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