Porsche Autostadt Pavilion


  • Porsche Autostadt Pavilion
  • Porsche Autostadt Pavilion
  • Porsche Autostadt Pavilion

Products used

Lighting designers Kardoff used remote controlled DR8 spotlights for the lighting of a new Porsche pavilion at VW’s Autostadt visitor attraction in Wolfsburg.

The sinuous structure of the new Porsche pavilion at VW’s Autostadt visitor attraction in Wolfsburg, northern Germany, cleverly references the famously lightweight construction and sleek lines of the marque. However, where the interior is concerned, Henn Architekten’s self-supporting monocoque structure also posed a few problems for the lighting designer, Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung, with ceiling heights that veered from 15m to 1.5m. Particularly problematic was lighting the 25 silver 1:3 scale model cars that flow down the ramp behind the three full-size cars, as both the ceiling height and the distance of the models from the ceiling is variable, and therefore achieving equal illumination levels on each one was difficult. ‘It was a really big problem,’ says Kardorff’s Jan Wichert. “On top of that we were dealing with cars with very glossy surfaces and chrome details which all create reflections. And we had to avoid shadows in the projection area.”

To address the various issues, Kardoff used DR8 remote controlled fixtures. More than 80 of the luminaires were installed, both track-mounted and recessed in a specially developed slot (keeping the ceilings as clean as possible was a priority). Customized cooler color temperature DR8s were supplied for some of the lower-height fixtures, plus a mix of beam angles from wide to narrow (24, 10 and 6 degrees) so that despite the angle of the models or distance from the fixture, the illumination hitting them is exactly the same.

Aiming the fittings precisely was critical, and being able to do that remotely made the process infinitely easier and speedier. It also means that future maintenance will be less of an issue where fittings are located at higher ceiling levels.

The fixtures, controllable in pan, tilt and dim, are connected to a programmed DMX scene system that links with a two-axis video projector system to display films on the wall adjacent to the cars. Additional DR8s (100W, 24-degree QR-LP 111 lamps) with hook clamps are also used for temporary events.

The DR8 spotlight was originally designed for Christie’s when the auction house needed a remote controlled fixture that could fit in a ceiling trough just 200mm wide. Since its launch, the DR8 has evolved to accept a wide range of different lamp types and accessories, including the bespoke LED head (also available in 3000K).

Built by the Volkswagen Group to showcase its auto portfolio, the 28-hectare Autostadt site features the work of more than 400 architects and includes the ZeitHaus car museum, architect-designed pavilions for the principal VW brands (including Audi, Lamborghini, Skoda and Seat). The fully-automated 48m-high Car Towers are where customers can pick up new cars and tour the enormous factory, multimedia activities area, and a spherical cinema.

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