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With its exotic ambiance and comprehensive facilities, the Ramada Columbo provides the ideal venue for both business and leisure travelers. At the end of 2007, the hotel made the decision to update their conferencing facilities and decided it was time to refurbish its Liberty Ballroom.

After seeing an RCL installation of remote controlled spotlights in the lobby of The Columbo Plaza, the developers felt the fixtures would be ideal for pinspotting the Ramada’s ballroom. They contacted the original suppliers – Luxlight (RCL’s agent in Singapore) – who specified 48 remote controlled spotlights as part of the new lighting design. Including RCL’s luminaires into the redesign has given the space more versatility as well as reducing costs normally associated with pinspotting, as noted on the hotel’s website:

“The lighting facilities available at the Liberty Ballroom provide décor and design options, for events and functions, which are convenient and cost effective.”

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